Audit Committee

The composition of the Audit Committee is as follows:

Chairman: Drs. Hermawan Chandra
Member: Vijay Yonathan
Member: Boy Soelistio Hartawan

In performing its functions, the Audit Committee has the following duties and responsibilities:

  1. Reviewing the Company’s compliance with the applicable capital market regulations and other related regulations.

  2. Reviewing financial statement and other financial information that will be issued by the Company to ensure compliance with generally accepted accounting principles.

  3. Reviewing audits performed by external auditors to ensure compliance with standard audit practices and providing independent inputs in case of dissenting opinions with the management regarding the services rendered.

  4. Providing recommendations to the Board of Commissioners on the appointment of External Accountant/Auditor, and monitoring follow-up to External Audit’s findings.

  5. Reviewing complaints (if any) related to accounting process and the Company’s financial reporting, and conducting investigation through Internal Audit or by engaging independent parties.

  6. Reviewing the appointment and/ or the substitution of the Head of Internal Audit

  7. Reviewing Internal Audit’s work plan and monitoring its implementation and Board of Directors’ follow-up to Internal Audit’s findings.

  8. Advising the Board of Commissioners regarding the Company’s potential of conflict of interests.

  9. Maintaining the confidentiality of the Company’s document, data and information.