Internal Audit Division

The establishment of the Internal Audit Unit in the Company is a form of the implementation of good corporate governance by the Company in compliance with the POJK No. 56/POJK.04/2015 regarding the Guideline for the Establishment and the Formulation of the Internal Audit Unit Charter. This unit has the duties to evaluate and improve the Company’s internal control independently and objectively regarding the following aspects:

  1. The achievement of the Company’s goals through effective and efficient resources;
  2. Compliance with the applicable policies, procedures and legislations;
  3. Reliability of financial reports and information whether internal or external; and
  4. Maintenance of the Company’s assets concerning embezzlement, missuse, or dissipation.

In the execution of its duties, the function of the Internal Audit Unit is directly under the Audit Committee, while the administration thereof is under the President Director.