Corporate Culture


  1. Be responsible and serious in discharging all duties given and obedient to the Company’s regulations.
  2. Be fully committed in your work by ensuring the completeness and accuracy of your work.
  3. Complete all work on schedule. 
  4. Be punctual for work and for all meetings.
  5. Keep your promise (by overdelivering rather than underdelivering).


  1. Always put the interest of the team (or the Group interest) ahead of yourself (talk of ‘we’ rather than ‘I’).
  2. Be supportive of your peers, supervisors and subordinates.
  3. Respect and synergize the differences of others (either in opinion or behavior).
  4. Build inter-department or interdivision cooperation and coordination.
  5. Be open and friendly when communicating with others. 

Cost Consciousness

  1. Use office equipment, facilities and utilities wisely (do not waste resources). 
  2. Optimize the capacities/resources of all Company’s assets and thus reduce excess capacities to the lowest.
  3. Always work within the budget and spend wisely.
  4. Manage your time and the time of others efficiently.
  5. Be resource-conscious - reduce, recycle and reuse.

Quality Service

  1. Cultivate a smile and pay attention to personal grooming.
  2. Be polite, cheerful and positive in interpersonalrelationships.
  3. Be serious in delivering high quality products or services.
  4. Respond timely to all requests (either internal or external customers).
  5. Reduce customers’ complaints (either internal or external customers).

A Learning Spirit

  1. Take initiative to learn from others (be pro-active in listening).
  2. Take initiative to improve yourself.
  3. Take initiative to share your knowledge and learning with others.
  4. Take opportunities to learn from your work or job assignment.
  5. Provide creative solutions in problem solving (be innovative).