Job Detail

Responsibilities :
  • Monitoring vessel movements, ROB bunker, fresh water and tank cleaning material.
  • Monitoring cargo operation, speed, bunker consumption, and tank cleaning operation.
  • Monitoring smooth operation at loading/discharge port.
  • Minimizing vessel delays.
  • Ensuring vessel operation is done based on SOP.
  • Checking CBN/Fixture Note/Charter Party sent by Marketing Department.
  • Proposing stowage plan to Master.
  • Sending shipping instruction to the vessel and asking Master confirmation.
  • Preparing voyage checklist.
  • Sending daily update vessel schedule/movement and ETA notice to all related parties.
  • Checking port restriction to ensure the vessel suitability to enter the port; berthing prospect; most competitive port disbursement.
  • Selecting and appointing agents to be in charge at port.
  • Checking B/L draft and give releasing instruction to agent at loading port; B/L status and LOI at discharging port.
  • Sending discharge instruction to vessel and agent; related documents to related parties including L/D documents, B/L, etc.
  • Assisting agent in/out clearance process with port authority; vessel to monitor vessel material purchased to ship manager.
  • Collecting and analyzing vessel data (such as: speed, bunker, pumping rate, cargo, etc) comply with Charter Party.
  • Updating daily operational/vessel schedule.
  • Coordinating with vessel, ship manager and charterer to minimize problems (operation matter)
  • Following up charterer’s claim.
  • Arranging route admittance (PPKA & PKKA) with Ministry of Transportation.
  • Giving instruction and information to vessel regarding schedule, cargo nomination loading/discharging nomination, ship and cargo documents, etc.
  • Checking report for management review.
  • Submitting Estimate Port Disbursement Advance (EPDA) to Admin Staff.
  • Preparing Freight Order + Freight Invoice to be submitted to Accounting Department.
  • Filing voyage documentation.
  • Filing voyage checklist.
  • Preparing monthly Key Performance Indicator (KPI) and vessel performance.
  • Ensuring QHSE management system are well-implemented.
  • The recruitment & selection process is not going to charge any payment from candidates. Be careful with another parties on behalf our company that need you to pay some amount of money or another parties that inform that we have collaboration with travel agent. We do not have any collaboration with any travel agent.

Job Qualification

  • Bachelor degree from maritime studies, preferably Marine Engineering or Naval Architecture.
  • Has experience in related field, minimum 2 year or freshgraduates are welcome to apply.
  • Fluently in English, both written and spoken.
  • Technical knowledge needed: general liquid cargo, vessel knowledge & international convention, pre & post-fixture, B/L & marine insurance, cargo calculation, boomzaken, export-import.
  • High achievement orientation, customer service & detail orientation, continuous improvement, good interpersonal relationship.
  • Strong analytical skill, sustainable in pressure, proactive and target oriented.
  • Computer literate.