Job Detail


  • Ensuring all documents & records related to ISM, ISPS Code and MLC 2006 procedures are well-filed
  • Ensuring all activities in SMR are well organized
  • Ensuring SMR & Assistant SMR’s business trip are well-managed
  • Monitoring & updating the document & record for ISM, ISPS Code and MLC 2006
  • Assisting Assistant SMR & SMR to monitor the implementation of ISM, ISPS and MLC 2006 Internal and External Audit procedures at vessels & office
  • Monitoring & updating the document & record of SMS Manual
  • Assisting Assistant SMR to control the distribution of updated SMS Manual
  • Assisting Assistant SMR & SMR to plan ISM, ISPS Code and MLC 2006 Internal & External Audit schedule
  • Preparing the necessary documents related to ISM, ISPS Code, MLC 2006 for SMS Manual
  • Arranging flight ticket, visa and hotel bookings for business trip concerning SMR and Assistant SMR, superintendent & company guests for audit purposes.
  • Arranging cash advance for activities in SMR and following up the voucher process
  • Following up voucher and payment processing to accounting and finance department for payment
  • Meeting arrangement, maintain attendance records and MOM
  • Filing the monthly report regarding to ISM & ISPS Code & printing its necessary document
  • Maintaining filing of record of ISM, ISPS Code, MLC 2006 and SMS Manual
  • Filing the documents after internal & external audit process & properly documented & printing its necessary document
  • Filing SMS Manual updated & printing its necessary document to be distributed to all ships
  • Asissting Assintant SMR & SMR to maintain and check whether the SMS Manual needs any revision or update from IMO, Flagstate, Class, Internal updates, and others

Job Qualification


  • Diploma degree of Maritime Academy.
  • Minimal 0-2 years of working experience in the related field is required for this position, fresh graduates are welcome.
  • Technical knowledge(s): International Convention Regulation knowledge, Ship management knowledge, Filing system, Computer literate.
  • Have achievement orientation, customer service orientation, continuous improvement, and good interpersonal relationship.
  • Able to analyze issue and use sound judgment, planning organizing, concern for order, orientation to detail, work efficiently, coordination.
  • Proficiency in English, both oral & written.


The recruitment & selection process is not going to charge any payment from candidates. Be careful with another party on behalf of our company that needs you to pay some amount of money or another party that information that we have collaboration with a travel agent. We do not have any collaboration with any travel agent.