Job Detail

  • Monitoring assigned vessel’s technical operation and maintenance.
  • Monitoring performance through monthly return reports/vessel inspections and maintain optimum maintenance levels.
  • Monitoring and establishing reasons for excessive/unusual wear and tear and developing means to control/rectify same, through consultation with Technical Manager.
  • Monitoring technical performance of vessels and monitoring consumption of spares/lub oils and bunkers to ensure these are not caused by poor condition of vessel.
  • Monitoring survey cycles, statutory survey requirements and carrying out important surveys physically onboard.
  • Planning regular and special surveys/repairs/dry docking in advance with max time and cost benefits for each vessel.
  • Liasing with Marine Superintendent, Master or Chief Engineer on the vessel’s maintenance programme and on operational matters.
  • Inspecting vessel’s under his charge at least twice a year, using a vessel inspection checklist as guidance.
  • Providing detailed operating budgets for maintenance dry-docking and special survey Initiating follow-up action where possible, to contain costs, within budgeted parameters.
  • Maintaining current data on costs obtained from various sources, in-cooperation with Procurement department.
  • Controlling volume and preparing specifications for repairs given to outside workshops/repaires and organizing supplies of repair equipment.
  • Providing feedback on purchases and encourage ship staff to tackle same onboard.
  • Drawing timely attention of principals to areas where costs might be expected and which are additional to the budget.
  • Advising the ships under control on budget as well as the actual cost for the technical items.
  • Reducing costs by motivating the ship’s staff, improving cost awareness by regularly advising them on cost of stores and spares ordered.
  • Maintaining validity of class, international, national, and specific certificates.
  • Keeping up to date on requirements/changes in statutory/class rules/development and other regulations.
  • Attending to matters for registration reflagging, selling, and buying as per flag requirements.
  • Ship staff to be continuously updated/instructed/advised/follow up on implementation of same in co-ordination with Technical Manager and Marine department.
  • Reviewing effectiveness of company’s SMS system and discussing with Master on its implementation during inspection.
  • Preparing monthly report on vessel’s budgeted and actual expenditure and submit/report to Technical Manager on time.
  • Checking all bills for repairs/luboils/spares/stores and keeping verification of same through shipboard record of supplies/consumption.
  • Ensuring that all forms are filled in correctly and filed onboard/sent to the office.

Job Qualification

  • Candidate must possess at least Bachelor′s Degree, Master′s Degree/Post Graduate Degree in Maritime Studies or equivalent, PREFERABLY HAVE ATT I DEGREE.
  • Fluency in English is REQUIRED for this position.
  • At least 6 year(s) of working experience, with minimum 2 YEARS EXPERIENCE AS CHIEF ENGINEER on board tanker.
  • Required Skill(s): Ship Management, International Covention Regulation, ISM Code, ISPS Code, Tankers Vessel.
  • Preferably Manager/Assistant Manager specialized in Ship Management.
  • Good analytical and logical thinking, detail oriented, well organized, and proactive for continuous improvement.
  • Computer literate.