Code Of Conduct

The Company is committed to always doing the right thing. That is why the Company has this Code of Conduct. The Code is specifically designed to be part of an effective program to prevent and detect violations of applicable laws, rules, regulations and Company’s values.

Basic principles of the Company as reflected in this Code are:

Honesty  in communicating within the Company and with suppliers and customers, while at the same time protecting the Company’s confidential information. 

Quality  in the services, by striving to provide services exceeding customers’ requirements. 

Responsibility for words and actions, confirms the commitment to do what has been said. 

Compassion in relationships with employees and communities affected by the Company’s business.

EQUALITY towards fellow employees, shareholders, customers and suppliers through adherence to all applicable laws, regulations and policies, and a high standard of behavior. 

Respect for fellow employees, shareholders, customers and suppliers while showing willingness to solicit their opinions and value their feedback.