Corporate Secretary

The Company appointed a Corporate Secretary to act as the liaison between the Company and its corporate bodies, as well as with stakeholders in accordance with Bapepam- LK Regulation No. IX.I.4 and Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) Regulation No. I-A. The Corporate Secretary answers to the Board of Directors and reports his activities to the Board of Commissioners 

Duties and Responsibilities:

  1. Keeping abreast of capital market developments, particularly regarding new capital market regulations;
  2. Providing services to public or investors who need information relating to the condition of the Company;
  3. Providing inputs to the Board of Directors in complying with applicable laws and regulations;
  4. Acting as a liaison between all the existing bodies within the Company such as the Board of Commissioners, Directors, Audit Committee, and professionals as well as between the Company and stock exchange authorities, the press and the general public.