Ship Management Services

PT Gemilang Bina Lintas Tirta provides the following world class ship management services for oil and gas tankers as well as FPSO/FSO:

1. Ship Management

a. Technical support
b. Maintenance and repair
c. Storage, lubricants and spare parts
d. International Safety Management (ISM) compliance
e. Regular maintenance and reporting

2. Pre-docking inspection and recommendation

3. Docking supervision and docking repair reporting 

4. Regular operational inspection and subsequent reporting

5. On site operational troubleshooting and reporting

6. Retrofit investment consulting

7. Spare parts reconditioning arrangement 

To uphold its mission to provide world class quality and professional services in vessel management, PT Gemilang Bina Lintas Tirta is committed to zero incidents and zero spills.

Through its in-house structured training program based on safety and environmental excellence, the subsidiary defines standards, provides competent ship management services and formulates strategies to improve the overall safety performance of the fleet.

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