Investing in a brighter future is part of our vision. For nearly 15 years, we have relied on environmental and social and governance (ESG) considerations as part of our decision-making process.


Good Corporate Governance (GCG) is carried out as a form of awareness of the importance of good relations with various stakeholders and ensures that the Company has been managed in accordance with procedures and policies conforming to the principles of transparency and accountability, as well as referring to the applicable laws and regulations in the Republic of Indonesia. 


The implementation of a good corporate governance which could determine direction and integrity is one of the keys to achieving the Company’s vision and mission. Good corporate governance will help the Company in building relationship and trust in investors, shareholders and other stakeholders. As such, long-term investment opportunities can be created for market participants. 

BULL is committed to continuously implement systemic and sustainable governance in the Company’s culture and values. The Company also constantly reviews best practices in the business world which are then applied in accordance with the Company’s business criteria.




The Company continuously implemented Good Corporate Governance (GCG). Compliance with applicable regulations, accountability, and information disclosure were the main elements behind the Company’s every decision and policy.