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Investor Relations

BULL is committed to being transparent by providing accurate information to shareholders and stakeholders on a regular basis through quarterly financial releases, share performance updates, rating updates, and press releases.


13 November 2020 Henry Wibowo/ Arnanto Januri/ Karen Li, CFA (J.P. Morgan) henry.wibowo@jpmorgan.com/ arnanto.januri@jpmorgan.com/ karen.yy.li@jpmorgan.com
13 November 2020 Handiman Soetoyo/ Kevin Suryajaya (Mirae Asset Sekuritas Indonesia) handiman.soetoyo@miraeasset.co.id/ kevin.suryajaya@miraeasset.co.id
19 October 2020 Arief Budiman (Ciptadana Sekuritas Asia) budimanarief@ciptadana.com
7 October 2020 Michael Setjoadi (RHB Sekuritas Indonesia) michael.setjoadi@rhbgroup.com
2 September 2020 Justian Rama/ Ferry Wong, CFA (Citi Research) justian.rama@citi.com/ ferry.wong@citi.com
26 June 2020 Soh Lin Sin (Soochow CSSD Capital Markets) linsin.soh@sccmasia.com
26 June 2020 Arief Budiman (Ciptadana Sekuritas Asia) budimanarief@ciptadana.com
25 July 2019 Arief Budiman (Ciptadana Sekuritas Asia) budimanarief@ciptadana.com
10 July 2019 Cheah Zhuo En (Soochow CSSD Capital Markets) zhuoen.cheah@sccmasia.com
13 May 2019 Cheah Zhuo En/ Zhao Yiyuan (Soochow CSSD Capital Markets) zhuoen.cheah@sccmasia.com/ yiyuan.zhao@sccmasia.com